TypeFocus Careers Program
TypeFocus Careers is the most advanced Internet-based career program available. The reports, tools and features will help students and adults achieve their educational and career planning goals.
  • Students
    Students, whether high school or university, will discover which careers best suit their individual strengths through three interactive career assessments. They will narrow their search from thousands of career choices to a few dozen and become confident that they are on the right track.

    Students will discover what further training is needed and create educational goals and career plans. They can further fine-tune their choices with over 10 search options such as "the fastest growing jobs" or "green careers" or by "knowledge" or "skills." In the end, the student is fully prepared with a set of educational and career planning goals that have been matched by professional assessments to 1,000 occupations.

    Students will find the best places to take the training needed for their career goals through interactive links to major educational institutions across North America.

    Parents of students can support and encourage their children by becoming active partners with them through the assessment, exploration and goal setting process.
  • Adult Career Seekers
    Adults looking for work will discover which careers best suit their individual strengths through three interactive career assessments. They will narrow their search from thousands of career choices to a few dozen and become confident that they are on the right track.

    Adults looking for work can take immediate action to find jobs that will suit their strengths and become successful in the hiring process by highlighting these strengths in their resumes and interviews.

    Once hired, they can ensure their success by applying their strengths to their new job and impress their employer in straightforward ways.

    Adult career seekers who are looking for new challenges in their existing job will discover what type of work suits their strengths and gives them the most satisfaction. These adults will gain confidence and focus to work within their existing company to apply for promotions or find a better fit between their unique strengths and the demands of the job. Sometimes a lateral move within the same company is the best answer.

    Adults looking for a new challenge will be successful when they understand the strengths they bring to the workplace and the best way to apply those strengths so they can do better work with less stress.
  • Career Counseling Professionals
    Counselors in college/university career offices will find their students love the three career assessments (personality type, interests and values) found in the TypeFocus Careers program. The feedback across tens of thousands of college/university users averages 4.5 out of 5.0. Counselors will save time with the online tools and manage their case load more effectively with the TypeFocus administrative interface.

    Directors managing career offices can maximize their budget with a cost-effective site license that offers unlimited student use and re-entry. They will find meeting accreditation standards easier with roll-up administrative reports that capture numbers of users, important research data regarding retention factors and key descriptive statistics. Directors can support their counselors with effective tools and training offered by TypeFocus so the maximum value is squeezed out of budgets.

    Private practitioners offering career counseling or coaching may take advantage of the TypeFocus Coaching Affiliate Program. This unique program allows individual practitioners to become a miniature college career center with all the advantages and tools available to any major career office. Practitioners can increase their cash flow by helping their clients with the best online career program available.

    Teachers in high school career classes will quickly find that their students love to learn about themselves through the TypeFocus career assessments. Since the learning is fun and the program quickly generates reports, teachers can meet their curriculum requirements easily. Teachers" time is always at a premium and TypeFocus offers curriculum guides and student exercises designed to save time. With TypeFocus support materials, teachers can hit the ground running in a very short time.

    Corporate trainers for in-house career development programs can use the TypeFocus Careers program to develop their own customized workshops. Trainers can create flexible programs from one-on-one coaching to large capacity workshops using the excellent support materials and wide-ranging applications available.
TypeFocus Student Recruitment
TypeFocus "Find Your Match" Program
The Find Your Match Program starts by assessing the personality of your visitors using a scientifically validated assessment instrument and immediately creates a first-class web report that explains what careers fit their strengths. The careers are all hot-linked to your program offerings so now the visitor not only has a focus but has direct links to your programs that would best suit them.
TypeFocus Conferences/Speaking Engagements
Dave Wood is an international platform speaker known for his humorous anecdotes and engaging style. He will focus on your conference theme with memorable results. Call toll-free for more information: 1-877-477-8973.
TypeFocus Certification Program
The TypeFocus Certification Program is an online program providing a cost-effective way to upgrade your credentials. TypeFocus Practitioners enjoy the benefits of advanced training and ongoing support in personality type applications. Members can access advanced TypeFocus program features designed to support counselors and coaches in private practice. Click here for more information.

The TypeFocus Certification Program consists of several components:
  • Guidebook with assignments
  • MBTI® Manual
  • Live webinars
  • Your own TypeFocus mentor
  • Two client debriefing sessions
  • Final interview with a TypeFocus Master Facilitator
  • Access to a moderated certification forum
The MBTI® Manual has to be borrowed or purchased.

The webinars, mentor to monitor assignments, assistance with debriefing, access to forum and final interview are only available to those participants who want to be certified as a TypeFocus Type Practitioner.

When a person becomes a Certified TypeFocus Practitioner, their contact information will be listed on our website to authenticate their standing. They will also be able to purchase any of our programs at a discount and offer their clients services through a website branded to their name.

The certification process itself will have no set time frame. To achieve certification, a person must:
  • complete all assignments,
  • debrief two clients using the TypeFocus program and
  • demonstrate their mastery of the program content via the final interview.
Mentor assistance, professional forums and live webinars are available as supports but are not requirements.

As a special introductory offer, the fee for certification is only $350 and some eligibility requirements exist; you can register at

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