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"Great course! It really provides insights to working with different personality types. This should be a must for any person within a management level."
Employee at AT&T
Dave Wood
Hi, I'm Dave Wood and I created the TypeFocus® programs.
Let's talk about leadership.
Leadership is all about getting things done through other people. This is true whether you are a corporate executive or a Little League coach. Leadership means encouraging others to want to meet your goals.

To be a good leader, you only have to do two things well: know where you want to go and build a strong team to get you there. Management and leadership training will help you create goals that are motivating and build teams that work well together. more »

Goal setting is a leadership skill that has a lot to do with personality type. Certain personality types like broad, somewhat theoretical goals and others like focused, very practical goals. Either way of setting goals is fine, but often the best approach is a blending of both styles.

Understanding this blending process is where your knowledge of personality types is so important. If you know yourself and your teammates well, you can build on each others' strengths, which is called the constructive use of differences.

Knowing your leadership style (based on your personality type) helps you be a more effective communicator and leader. When you understand how the different personality types work together, you can really bring out the best of your team.

Create goals that are motivating and help your team work together to make the best use of their personality differences, and then stand back because your team is about to take off.

I have run hundreds of leadership and management development training workshops using my own TypeFocus® personality test and have seen first-hand how excited participants become when they understand their preferences and realize how important their insights will be to their effectiveness.

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