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"It has been very eye-opening to me! I found jobs that applied to me that I did not know existed or that they would fit my strengths."
Student at Simon Fraser University
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Dave Wood
Hi, I'm Dave Wood and I created the TypeFocus® program . . . let's talk about your future career.

There are many forms of career tests including career aptitude tests, career assessments or career placement tests and they all have one thing in common. They want to steer you in the right direction and help you make a good career choice.

TypeFocus® offers a free personality test that identifies your four-letter personality type.

Once you know your personality type, you have a big advantage. more »

Your personality type report is not a career aptitude test or even a career assessment but it is very helpful as you will see. Whether you are a job seeker looking for IT jobs, a high school student or an adult in career transition, understanding yourself is a good starting point.

First of all, you will know what types of jobs fit your personality strengths. Suppose you discover that you are an Extravert. You will suddenly understand why some jobs were easy and some were hard; why you enjoyed some and disliked others; why some energized you and some drained you.

People move to those jobs that honor their personality preferences. Suppose you are an Extravert and you work in a job that requires you to work by yourself all day long. You would probably feel that something was missing, wouldn't you? So, if you could switch jobs to one where you worked with several good friends, you'd take it. This new job would fit your strengths better.

I want you to understand the limitations of this type of research: knowing your personality type won't narrow down your search to just a handful of jobs. That would be expecting too much. On the other hand, it can put you in the right ballpark. By right ballpark, I mean that you will be able to narrow your career options down from a few thousand to perhaps 20 or less.

Secondly, by understanding yourself and what you naturally bring to any job, you can fine-tune your job hunting skills in such areas as writing your cover letter and resume, networking using your strengths and understanding yourself so you will shine during an interview.

Thirdly, by knowing who you are and understanding people better, you can be more successful in a job once you are hired. You will understand how to reduce conflict by avoiding personality clashes; you will understand how to work in a team with people who are different from you.

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