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"What was most valuable to me was understanding how other personality types think different and how to cope with those differences to have a win-win ending."
Employee at AT&T
Dave Wood
Hi, I'm Dave Wood and I created the TypeFocus® programs.
Let's talk about work/life balance.
When you get right down to it, work/life balance is nothing more than setting life goals and managing your time to make them come true. It's no secret that most people feel stressed out by the pace of life and work. When people are under stress they burn their energy in worry and therefore feel exhausted. One way to fight these feelings is to eat too much. more »

Because they eat too much, weight loss, weight loss diets and weight loss pills have become big business all across the world. And, like in all things, different people need different approaches to make it work for them. I did some research a few years back using personality type assessments and found that there were very clear differences between the way different personality types approached their weight loss programs. It just makes sense that if you understand yourself and what your unique needs are, you'll be more successful.

Weight loss is only one element of a healthy work/life balance. Knowing how to set goals, knowing what goals to set and knowing how to make those goals realistic are all part of the process. Weight loss, leisure time, stress and relationships are all tied together. One influences the other.

I understand how difficult weight loss can be. Your self esteem is tied to your bathroom scale: if your weight is down you are happy; if up you are discouraged. I don't recommend any particular weight loss approach except to encourage a healthy long-term view. Diet pills and quick fixes are often scams and unhealthy. My advice is to get healthy in smaller steps and discover more about yourself as you do. This way, you will be a winner because it is what you deserve.

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